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Shinra's Finest - Midgar's own boys in black
A text message (ATTN: Baldur) 
4th-Aug-2005 02:24 pm

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123 [NEW]
07/03 1:12am
From: lunatic_high@shinra.web.ne.md
Subject: jack - fnd spct

sect 5 undrgrnd nr rector 2 pl trling need bp cn't use audio no repls luca tpsd inj my plc dont cm alon cll hadrian
4th-Aug-2005 06:00 am (UTC)
You have 1 new message.

07/03 1:17am
From: b_lache@shinra.web.ne.md
Subject: RE: jack - fnd spct

will contact hadrian _ eta 15 mins
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