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Shinra's Finest - Midgar's own boys in black
midnight SOS to Hadrian 
4th-Aug-2005 01:15 am
Those stupid idiots – she told them to be careful. Luca was hurt. He was at Jack’s apartment, but he was hurt. Idiot. Some part of her wondered if she should try to contact Seung and tell him what happened.

Jack's situation was more important.

Baldur shook her head, flipping open her phone to make the call to Hadrian – she did not know him well (or, really, at all), but as it was with all the Turks, he had to be on call basically at all times. The number was in her speed dial, near the top, though it had never been called.

She hit the send button and waited for it to ring, even as she was making her way back to the train down to the depths of Midgar. Three rings passed accented by the staccato clack of her footsteps on concrete.

“Answer, damn you.” A fourth ring. “Oh, come on. You had better…”


Baldur startled at the sound of the voice on the other end of the line. “Hadrian; this is Baldur. Jack’s in trouble and needs backup. He’s in sector five below the plate near the second reactor – meet me there asap.” If he had tried to talk during this spill of information, Baldur did not much care.
10th-Sep-2005 06:58 pm (UTC)
Deep down, Hadrian hated the train. Loathed it like nothing else. There was just something about the cheap fluorescent lights (or, well, cheap to someone who never lived anywhere but on top of the plate) and the security guards just bored enough to care who he was that didn't sit well with him. So instead of thinking about it, he spent the train ride down contemplating every possible thing that might go wrong on his first assignment with these people. This was probably an even worse idea than dwelling on the train.

When the train slid (he'd thought 'rolled' at first, but electric trains wouldn't have wheels to roll, would they?) into the station he was more than happy to get off of it, down the stairs and past a guard startled for the second time that night. Baldur had said to meet her at the reactor, so he headed down the stairs and away from the platform-- wait. There was someone waiting there, past the platform. A woman in a black suit standing alone would probably be who he was looking for, so he hurried over.
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