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Shinra's Finest - Midgar's own boys in black
A good old Friday night fire fight... 
14th-Sep-2005 04:20 pm

It was around one o'clock in the morning when Jack finally decided, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the people trailing him were not going to let up or come forward until he made it easy for them. Which in his experience could mean one of two things: either the conversation they wanted to have with you was real private, or they didn't want anyone else around to hear the gunshots. He'd already figured out that they were professionals - he couldn't lose them through the Friday night crowds outside the Wall Market - and that at least one of them was from Midgar and the rest had been here a while. They picked their way through the alleys and the twisted sheet metal shacks and the ruins of the old city with the speed and skill of any kid raised there, and they did it without letting him get a good look at them or even falling behind. Jack knew the slums as well as anybody around, and someone behind him knew them almost as well as he did. There had to be at least two; one to watch him from either side.

There was more than one reason to wander around the slums as much as he had: if they were doing it because Luca had managed to off some of their buddies in the club a couple of hours ago, it was the best way to find out who they were. The members of any gang on the streets were going to have territory that was off-limits to them, as a rule. Where they wouldn't follow Jack would tell him more than where they would. But from the looks of things there wasn't anywhere they weren't going to be a step behind him; one of the first lessons Jack'd give any new recruit was that - aside from the Turks - there was only one type of people that could go through the slums wherever they pleased. Even the Don's men wouldn't be tresspassing where they weren't wanted.

And that made him wonder if this had less to do with Luca and more to do with him. If that was the case, though, there were better ways of going about it - besides, wasn't anybody that knew Jack was going to be down here tonight, nobody but Luca and maybe Baldur. Didn't make any sense to him, unless this was tied to what happened in Kalm, and somehow it seemed way too early for that.

The roaming block party Jack had been following for the past little while in Sector 5 - if these guys were willing to tail him all night, the least he could do was have some fun while they were at it - was starting to break up; a winter storm was coming, the kind that could freeze drinks and kill the mood, and everbody could hear it in the way the wind whistled through the gaps in the walls out side the lower city. Storms were pretty common in the winter in Midgar - Jack had heard somewhere that they picked up off the ocean and swept across the barren plains around the city now because there was nothing to get in the way, breaking on the mountains across from Junon. Sometimes they were strong enough to penetrate right up to the central pillar and rattle the buildings around it like they were going to break apart. Tells you a lot about man and nature, his mother used to say, that this would happen even in the biggest city in the world. Years later Jack had the chance to see one from the top floors of the Shinra tower, and Heidigger had gone on about the aerodynamic outer shell and how you could barely hear the storm from in here, let alone feel it - tells you a lot about man and nature, he'd said. To Jack, who'd seen both worlds, it just said a lot about man. Still, down here it was enough to send everyone packing and that meant Jack had to make a choice: either stay in the center of the crowd and let it take him safely to the station and the upper city but having nothing more than a few vague details to report about this, or stick around and find out what was going on.

Now that they had to stay close to him or lose him in the press of people, Jack figured he just might be able to get a better look to help him decide if the second option was likely to get him killed. He kept his eyes straight forward and slipped his cell phone out of his jacket, switching it to video mode and keeping it mostly in his sleeve at his side. He let the timer run down after a couple of sweeps of the crowd behind him, then ducked into a bar to get a good look at the shots he'd taken.

It wasn't exactly the finest piece of film ever captured by man, but it was enough to pick out the member of the crowd who were facing the wrong direction, didn't quite have the right posture, didn't fit in, and zoom in on them. It was too blurry to tell much aside from that they were well-dressed - in the slums, that meant clothes that were fairly new and fairly clean - and armed. A cross section of the weapon confirmed his ealier suspicions; a well-made semi-auto machine pistol, not the kind of thing you would own if you didn't have the money, or if you didn't know how to use one. Looked familiar somehow, though - did Shinra make those? Or did they used to, back when weapons production was all they did?

Jack didn't know. He should probably know, and it irked him, but the truth was that Jack didn't care much for guns. No where near as useful or deadly as they were made out to be, not unless you were carrying some military-issue fully automatic doomsday machine that was bigger than a man's torso and almost as heavy, with steel-tipped rounds that would wake everyone within miles if you ever fired it. With most of the tiny little handguns to popular in the city these days, you'd be better off picking up a big rock and throwing it at someone - more accurate and probably do more damage besides. But no, people loved guns, because guns made you invincible - or at least you felt like it - on top of making you stupid and lazy, at least in Jack's experience. Even people like Drake and Zhi, who should know better, loved their guns - though admittedly Drake preferred magnums, the kind that would turn someone's head to soup and had recoil that would break the wrists of someone not used to it, and Zhi used military pistols, like the kind his persistent friends were packing.

Jack never carried one unless the assignment required it. It wasn't like people hadn't been pretty damn good at killing each other before guns were invented - even when they were given a target, getting into a fire fight meant they'd botched it somehow, something they should have avoided with a little imagination. For some people, Jack supposed, it was like a rite of passage and the first weapon they'd ever owned and the only thing they could imagine killing someone with, but the first time anyone had pressed a gun into his hand and told him it was for protection - he was 13, then - it only drove home just how useless it would be if anyone ever did decide to just walk by and shoot him. Or grab him from behind and break his neck. Vincent Valentine, the now almost legendary corporate assassin and one of the first Turks, had a few things to say about guns in his Rules of Engagement - a manifesto on urban combat that still circulated around the Shinra offices and most Turks could quote by heart - all which Jack agreed with.

1) Silencers, don't.

Or 'nothing sounds like silenced gunfire quite like silenced gunfire'. Turks used them sometimes, but hopefully with the understanding that just because a weapon is silenced doesn't mean someone won't hear it. And know exactly what it is.

2) Suppressive fire, isn't.

Or 'suppressive fire works both ways'. If you use covering fire your opponent can use it back, and then neither of you is getting anywhere in a hurry.

3) He who shoots first, wins.

If you're close enough for your weapon to be useable - which for handguns meant almost close enough to punch the guy, in Jack's experience, unless you were like Drake or Luca and spent all your free time at the firing range - the first person to get a shot off is almost always also the last person to get a shot off.

It wasn't just the weapons themselves, it was the whole culture of guns that bothered Jack. They possessed the magical ability to turn grown men into a bunch of giggling schoolgirls showing off the latest gadgets on their cell phones - but whatever he might feel about them, he wasn't carrying one now and his tails were, and he couldn't for the life of him figure out where he knew those from...

But Drake had said one of the rookies was a weapons' specialist or something like that, hadn't he? Jack made it a point never to forget a name once he'd learned it - bad for business, otherwise - and he could sure use the input now. The crowd was almost gone now; if he was going to stay he'd need backup, but if they saw more Turks they'd probably take off - he was going to need to time this real well. Had to make contact, a potentially fatal proposition, before the others arrived but not too long before. He switched functions to text and sent off a quick message to Baldur. He was gambling that she was still up, because Luca was almost certainly still out of it, and that she knew Hadrian's contacts better than he did.

Jack grabbed a drink and ducked out of the bar, no longer trying to lose them, and headed past the Sector 5 station. He had a location in mind for this little encounter - according to the Rules being able to choose the terrain was as good as superior firepower, if not better, most times. He didn't worry about Baldur being able to find him. Drake would hire anyone who didn't have the street sense to know they could ask just about anybody for a couple gil where a Turk went.

To the north of the Sector 5 station was the burnt-out shell of an old elementary school, built back in the days when the mayors of Midgar still talked about 'reclaiming the slums' in their election campaigns. When a new mayor came into office with his eyes on the money about the plate and not much else, the funding dried up and the thing was left abandoned. By mutual agreement - not to mention common sense - the blocks around the stations were nobody's territory, so the building was left to whoever wanted it.

Jack could remember it before the fire, almost a decade ago now. Remember his mother telling him to never, never go near that place as a kid. Hell, most adults knew better than go near it, especially at night. He'd been inside it a couple times when he was older, and nothing convinced him more that his mother was right.

When the leader of the Prowler's two kids went missing, a boy and a girl of six and seven if he remembered right, last seen around the place, the people of the slums finally decided to do something about it. He enlisted the help of the Cromwells from Sector Four and they descended on the place and tore it apart, then set it on fire with makeshift Molotovs and gasoline when they were satisfied they'd killed everyone inside. Of course, anyone who used it for business had gotten word of it hours before and taken the night off, so the two gangs got pretty much just the people they'd intended to.

Everything that could burn, had burned, leaving only a maze of rusted metal framework for walls and grates on the floors and ceiling. It would probably fall apart entirely someday, but Jack hoped that day was still a while off. His dress shoes clanged loudly on the corroded steel as he went directly to a room at the back. It was pretty dark in here - only the faintest rays of light from the shops outside and the tracks around the station made it all the way through the ruins. Just enough to make out a few objects in the pitch blackness of the basement below the grate: a woman's shoe on a broken metal desk, a child's doll caught up in copper electrical wires.

On the streets they said you could hear the voices of the two kids here sometimes, at night. All Jack heard was the distinctive clatter of hard-soled shoes on steel and the howling wind. Another reason he'd chosen this place - they'd have to be ninjas from Wutai to walk softly enough in here that he couldn't hear them, and now he knew there were three of them and not two. If there were any more waiting outside, they'd be too far away to be useful if the guns came out. Tipping over his drink from the bar, he splashed the liquid over the grate in front of the only entrance and up to the back of the room.

He'd searched through the place some time after the fire, to see if anything could be salvaged, and they were right where he remembered them - a group of mostly melted old tires, rolled in by someone who wanted to smoke the place out before it went up in flames. Jack stepped cautiously up unto the black rubber, reaching into his coat. A knife in one hand, a swift bolt in the sleeve of the other, held out over the wet grate. It might mean everything, might mean nothing - especially if Baldur and Hadrian didn't show up in time.

The footsteps stopped, and a voice from the darkness brought memories of the twisted corpses in Kalm flooding back. Jack swallowed, hard. "Funny one of Shinra's dogs would pick this kind of place to die. Fitting, isn't it?"
28th-Sep-2005 05:29 pm (UTC)
As she and Seung passed by the old burnt-out school, Ally caught movement out of the corner of her eye. She motioned for Seung to stop, and took a better look. Someone was entering the building - blond hair and a familiar face above a black suit. That's...Jack, I think. It had been a while since she had seen him around, but he was hard to forget. Not far behind him were three unfamiliar men, well-dressed and armed. ...And those guys look like trouble.

She knew she probably shouldn't get involved, but she liked Jack, and good as he was, she wasn't certain he could take on all three of those guys by himself. "Looks like you're not the only one who needs some saving tonight, Seung...guess dinner is on hold for the moment."

Ally waited until all four had gone inside, and then got a little closer. She had been inside the school herself a few times - even spent the night there, once, on a badly-conceived dare. That hadn't been one of her brightest moments - she had realized how stupid it was a mere two hours in - but the experience would come in handy now. She knelt down and loosened the laces on her boots enough to pull them off. The floors - or what was left of them, anyway - were metal, and she wouldn't be doing Jack any favors if the men could here her a mile off.

She had a folding knife secured in the side of one, forced on her by Asher. Weapons were one of the few things they really disagreed on, but if Asher would learn to be decent with a gun, and keep it on him, she would carry a knife for back-up and know how to use if it was necessary. She removed it from the boot, and clipped it on the belt that held her holster. She might need it tonight - she hadn't been expecting to encounter anything quite this big, and hoped stealth and quick reflexes would make up for what she lacked in firepower. She pondered for a moment what to do with the boots - couldn't carry them in her hands, but she didn't want to leave them out here, either. She settled for looping the laces through her belt near the back, and tied them tight.

As she did this, she spoke to Seung. "You don't have to go in there with me - I'd say go straight home, though. There's no way of knowing if there are more of those guys on the way, and I'm going to guess you don't really have any fighting skills. I can give you my address and we'll meet another time for food." She finished and stood up. "If you do come in, though, you're gonna want to take your shoes off, too - place echoes really badly."
28th-Sep-2005 10:16 pm (UTC)
Seung had noticed movement out of the corner of his eye, but in no way had he figured that it was any business of theirs. Still, Ally seemed inclined to investigate, and who was Seung to ditch her without saying a word?

So he followed after her silently, stopping once she did, and his expression was starting to hint at fear. He could tell that she was going to head into a situation that was certainly messy. Did he really dare to follow? That building didn't look very sturdy, and who knew what the people inside were like. They could kill him the second he entered.... Or kill Ally. He really couldn't permit that.

"...I'll go," he responded softly, lifting up each foot to remove his shoes, and then he was even polite enough to pick both of the shoes up and set them aside, turning them so that they would be easily accessible whenever they left the building.

With a nervous smile trembling on his face, he motioned for her to go first. She seemed to know the layout of this area better, and Seung would prefer to be there for back-up. ...In the back.
28th-Sep-2005 11:25 pm (UTC)
With a start, Ally realized that Seung probably had no clue who Jack was or what was going on. "Oh! Sorry. The first guy that went in, the blond...he's an old friend. Good fighter, too - grew up on streets down here like me - but I'm not sure he can hold his own against these guys."

"I think the best plan would be to follow them in - we shouldn't have any trouble hearing them, none of them took their shoes off - and see how Jack's doing...then take it from there." She was trying hard to stay calm, and largely succeding, but strategy was Ash's thing, and it had been a while since she had gone into something this big without him with her. She hoped she could pull this off.

She had a moment of sudden inspiration and rifled around in the pockets of her cargo pants until she found the larger of her slotted screwdrivers, and offered it to Seung. "It's not as good as a knife, but it's sharp enough that it can do some damage if you need it to."
29th-Sep-2005 10:21 am (UTC)
Seung had to listen closely to figure out just what she was talking about...but apparently one of Ally's friends was in danger? Was that what was going on? Now her wanting to enter the building made more sense... Hm... But why did the name Jack seem so familiar? It really was nagging at the back of his mind, and he had a feeling he ought to recognize just who she was talking about.

Or maybe he was crazy. Surely there was more than one Jack in the world.

"Yes, alright... B-but, ahm... That's okay." Both hands lifted to wave back and forth while he shook his head at the same time. He hated rejecting somebody, but... "I could never use a weapon like that... But I actually do have training! I won't hurt anybody, but I can attempt to...stake out the inside, as you might call it. Wait here just a moment? Please?"

He really couldn't help but worry over her... She seemed to know how to handle herself, but he still had the innate urge to protect her in any way he could. This shouldn't take long, anyway... He had always been rather agile. The only thing working against him was the fact that he didn't really know the layout of the building...

...And that was what ended up being his downfall, because as soon as he crept through a broken window and stepped out into a main hallway, he was caught off guard by the door creaking unbelievably loudly when pushed open. He suddenly froze in confusion, not quite sure what to do next, and before he could come up with a solution, he was knocked right onto his face by one of the men who had apparently been ready for any form of back-up.

Winded, and just not the type to cry out for help, he was dragged to his feet and down the hallway without barely a noise.
29th-Sep-2005 06:52 pm (UTC)
Ally was about to run up, catch Seung, tell him, no, she'd go first, she knew the area better, when she heard the unmistakable sounds of a struggle from within, and panic took over. Shit shit shit. This is all my fault...I just should have left well enough alone. If anything happened to Seung, it was going to be her fault. There was a reason Asher was in charge - he didn't do stupid things like this, get other people in trouble. She wished he was here now. He'd have a plan, something, anything.

She took a deep breath and tried to calm down. Well, there was only one thing to be done, really - she'd have to go in after them, and do the best she could.
29th-Sep-2005 03:52 am (UTC)
It was pretty clear these guys weren’t here for conversation; if Jack didn’t act soon, the next thing to come his way from the shadows could be a bullet. He held up the small vial of swift bolt, palm up – if they could see him clearly enough for a decent shot in this light, they should be able to make it out.

“Wouldn’t try it if I was you.” Jack grinned, turning it over in his hand to show the sparks along the edge when the liquid moved. Might as well be friendly about it – a little chat would give his eyes time to adjust and maybe see where they were positioned, aside from giving Baldur and Hadrian more time to get there. “’Cause from where I’m standing you look kinda’ like a pigeon on a power line. I drop this, and they’ll be serving you up in barbeque sauce.”

From the soft cursing and the slow footsteps heading backwards, Jack knew they thought he was right. Jack’s relief was palpable; he might just make it home tonight after all. “That’s real good. Just keep going – I didn’t see none of you, so we can all just pretend this didn’t happen.” He didn’t really expect them to do much besides get to a safer position to shoot him from, but if he got an opening there was a back way out of this place, and from there he could dive back into what remained of the crowds. If he could make it to the Wall Market, the Don’s people would be sure to hassle them for a while at least-

But his mental planning was derailed abruptly when he heard a brief commotion at the entrance. A few seconds later a small, trembling man with a ponytail was dragged into view, a gun to the back of his head. “This one of your friends? Any more of them out there?”

“Never seen him before in my life.” Jack answered honestly. Somebody’d have to be real stupid to try and follow them in here – should’ve been pretty clear what was about to go down. The man’s head was jerked up so that they could rifle through his jacket, and Jack got a better look at him, now even more confused. The slant eyes – the man was Wutanese. What was he doing here?

…Kinda’ cute, though.

“Uh-huh.” An ID card was pulled from one of his pockets. Jack caught the flash of white and red, didn’t even have to see the writing: Shinra. “Chief Medical Officer for the Department of Administrative Research. What the hell does that mean? How do you research administration?”

So, that one wasn’t from Midgar. If he didn’t know what that meant, Jack sure wasn’t going to tell him. He was about to make something up about him being some kind of secretary – maybe they’d just let him go – but one of the others spoke up from the opposite direction. “'Department of Administrative Research’? That's the Turks, genius.”

Shit. Was he one of the new hires? That couldn’t be Hadrian, no way – and since when did they have a medical officer? Jack got the feeling he really should have been paying better attention at the last meeting or two. “You drop that thing now, your friend gets fried. You know you won’t get all of us – either way, you’re going to die.” They shoved the Wutanese guy down onto his knees. “Put it away, and we’ll make this is quick. Do this the hard way, and you’re both going to end up like those other bastards.”

29th-Sep-2005 03:52 am (UTC)
Okay, time for a new tactic. Jack pulled his hand back away from the grate, waiting until the man with the pistol stepped back, taking that as a sign of submission, to get a better shot. Heard a click, eyes down at his target – no time – and hurled the bolt right into the man’s face.

Jack wasn’t really sure what happened next. The glass shattered on impact, releasing the familiar high-pitched crackle and flickering blue light; he dove forward and grabbed the man with the ponytail and knocked him out of the way, but before that he heard the gun go off; tried to pull them both around the corner and out of the line of fire from the other two, but then it was like Luca had hit him in the back with a steel bat: all the air was knocked from his lungs and he was on the floor on top of the dark-haired guy. Warm blood was spreading between both of them – he couldn’t tell if it was his own – while the room filled with the smell of charred flesh and ozone. He could barely move enough to lift his head, only to get a good look down the end of a barrel as one of them walked forward to take a shot he couldn’t possibly miss.
29th-Sep-2005 11:25 am (UTC)
By the time Seung had been led to where Jack was located, he had fully regained his senses. He could tell that he was in immediate danger, but he really couldn't do much. His cheeks burned, though, due to him trying to hide his disgust as they rifled through his pockets for any sort of identification. He could hear Jack's voice, but he still hadn't looked up yet. He just kept his gaze focused on the ground, since making eye contact just seemed to anger people like this.

When he was forced down onto his knees, he felt a shiver of relief from them having released their hold on him. Now, at least, he didn't have to deal with that as well. Now he could actually try to look around. Still not wanting to offend, he only glanced up for a second, but it wasn't very useful... When he had been shoved down earlier, his glasses had dropped and cracked. Now he could just barely make out Jack's facial features... Not enough for him to recognize through any official documents, though.

And he didn't have much more time to try to figure out what exactly was going on, since it was only moments later that he heard the distinct sound of something shattering, and then he was being yanked away before he could even gasp in alarm. Soon he was on his back, staring with huge eyes at his attacker, (rescuer?) and smelling something...awful. And what was soaking his lab coat?

When he tilted his head back, straining to see through blurry eyes, he finally saw the gun. Was that what he had heard earlier?! A gunshot?! Then the liquid was...blood. Jack was bleeding! That was Jack right?! Oh, he hoped so. He hoped he wasn't helping along one of the bad guys.

"No!" he gasped out, once again winded from being knocked down with a heavy man lying right on top of him. His main concern was keeping them from harming Jack any more, and he managed to shift just enough so that he could reach inside his coat and unzip one of the hidden pockets. The materia clinked inside, and he just flattened his palm against it all to reassure himself that it was there while reaching around with his other arm to rest his hand carefully over the bullet wound.

He hated touch, but somehow when there was healing involved, he could deal with it much more pleasantly. His fingers twitched as the effects of his Restore materia came into play, the gentle glow emulating between his own body and Jack's. Regen level ought to be just right... It would keep Jack healing if he happened to get injured again. And he had a feeling one of them might...

Still, the others did not seem to like this once they realized just what was happening, and with a yell, another shot was fired. He reacted before he could even think, suddenly forcing Jack up and back so that Seung was sitting in his lap, his own back facing their attackers. His entire body convulsed when he felt the bullet hit his shoulder, and for a moment the glow flickered out.

With teeth gritted, he remained silent as ever as he once again activated the Regen, and it was completed only a moment later. With a little cough into his hand, he slumped back away from Jack, ignoring the searing pain as he murmured with a tiny smile, "That should help... I can also cast a barrier if you can wait just a...second." He needed to recollect his senses. Again.
30th-Sep-2005 02:47 am (UTC)
Ally heard gunshots as she navigated the dim hallways of the school, and picked up her pace. Silence wasn't important now - if they could hear her over whatever was going on down there, it didn't make much difference. Things had already gotten messy.

Suddenly, she rounded a corner, and there they were. She could see Seung and Jack past the men - they were alive, which was a good thing, but she could see blood on both of them, which wasn't. As she looked, one of the men turned around and caught sight of her. "Hey! What the hell d'you think you're doing?"

She grinned as an idea took form in her mind. "Why don't you catch me and find out?" and with that, darted down one of the side corridors. If I can get even just one of them away from the rest...somewhere where I've got an advantage and do something...Jack'd have a pretty good chance with the rest.
30th-Sep-2005 07:58 pm (UTC)
Hadrian really had no idea where they were headed. Sure, he'd had to study the layout of the city even to work in weapons, but textbook knowledge didn't go a long way when one was running through the slums in the dead of night (or as close to dead as night ever got in Midgar, above or below the plate). As long as he stuck with Baldur, who presumably knew where they were going, things would work out. And--

--oh, hell, where was Baldur? She'd been there just a minute ago, so he couldn't have gotten separated from her in some back alley or around some corner. That probably meant one of two things: either they'd reached their destination, or something new and more pressing had come up here. The high crack of electricity (he'd heard it enough times in the laboratory to recognize it for what it was) and then a gunshot could mean either one, and whichever one it was would mean trouble. And wherever she'd gotten to, Baldur hadn't called him here to stand around and stare at the husk of an old building.

He was inside and hoping that the commotion ahead was disguising the sound of his shoes on the metal grate that passed for a floor when the second shot came. That confirmed it; this was probably the right place, because a shot like that didn't come from a civilian pistol. It came from a military gun, and the person who fired it had to be either the man the were here to bail out or someone after him in a serious way. If only it were possible for him to tell what it was they were using from the sound and thus be able to figure out the effective range, but that would have been impossible; as it was, he counted himself lucky to be able to tell the difference between a civilian-use handgun and a Shinra-issue piece of military equipment by the decibels. Anything more was just wishful thinking.

Navigating these hallways wasn't easy; between the bad lighting, the twisting corridors, and the clatter of his own feet, it was impossible to judge by sight or sound how close he was to the fight. Soon, though (he was moving quickly, however long it might have seemed to him), he heard voices in the next hall. There hadn't been anymore gunfire-- yet-- but now there was yelling, and there were people coming down this hall. He ducked around a corner and waited for them to go by, not wanting to go for a target he couldn't confirm. As fast as they were moving and as dim as it was, he could have just seen the man they'd come here for, or Baldur, or someone else he shouldn't be shooting at.

Then he made a particularly loud footfall, and winced as he heard someone else's steps growing closer to where he was. He wasn't close enough to see what was going on around the corner yet, and that meant whomever was coming towards him had the advantage. And while every person remotely connected to anything involving combat in Shinra could quote one Vincent Valentine for hours on end (he'd heard it done once, too, by some idiot in the department trying impress an attractive intern; unsurprisingly, it hadn't worked) it didn't mean a damn thing unless the person quoting was actually fast enough to pull the trigger first.

And that meant shit when he was in a situation where he couldn't shoot first. Unless black clothes and black hair gave him a fraction of a second before he was spotted (and that wasn't going to happen, because there was no way someone a Turk needed backup on was that blind or that stupid), he was going to be in this person's line of sight before they were in his. He was prepared for the worst-- back against the metal in a sad attempt to get whatever cover he could in this hall and gun ready in the event he could get a lucky first shot.

Great, you're fucked.

The shot came, but it was immediately followed by the clanging of the bullet's ricochet. He'd missed, and badly by the sound of it. Apparently at least one of the group was either that blind, that stupid, or just a lousy shot.

Hadrian, however, was none of those things, and it was his turn to fire.
7th-Oct-2005 01:02 am (UTC)
Even though it had only been used on him a couple times in his life so far, the feeling of healing materia being used on his injuries was one that Jack wasn’t ever going shake. It reminded him of going to the dentist and getting your mouth frozen – only it wasn’t your mouth, it was your whole body – tingling at first, then going numb, and the sensation of the flesh and skin knitting back together all more unnerving because, like the drill, you knew it was something that was supposed to hurt like hell but it doesn’t.

That proved the Wutanese man’s identity better than the business card. Shinra wasn’t exactly in the business of handing out materia, especially the healing kind, like thrill to kids at a dance club on Friday night. Jack felt himself shifted up and off the medic before the other guy could take a shot, and was about to tell him to stop – there was no way he could miss, this was suicide – but he did miss, probably because he was expecting the move about as much as Jack was. What kind of crazy…? Someone who has lots of materia on hand, maybe. Jack had never heard of cure magic that could heal a bullet to the head, though.

Which was what they were both going to get if they didn’t move. No way he could carry the medic in this state, no point to it anyway, no cover. At least he could feel his arms again, his hands again, and remembered the knife still gripped there – before the other man had a chance to shoot again, Jack shoved his would-be rescuer to the floor and out of the line of fire, and threw it. Couldn’t trust his aim like this, so he went for the only place he was sure to hit that would stop him from firing: his hand. The blade ended up embedded in his wrist, really, but it didn’t matter because Jack was on his feet, reaching into his suit jacket for switchblade with materia of his own.

The guy had this cocky little grin, knowing that in this state there was no way Jack could take him down with a knife – anyone with any hand-to-hand training at all knew how to do that, but what he didn’t know was that all the Turk needed to do was cut him once. So he just threw himself at him, careful not to trip over the injured man curled on the floor. The other man moved as expected, to block with his forearm and push the hand with the knife out of the way so that he could hit him, and that was when Jack pulled the third one out of his sleeve and stabbed it into his shoulder. A second was all it took for the materia to activate, and the man collapsed in a heap at Jack’s feet.

The blond took a few steps backwards before hitting the floor himself – this was the damn weakest cure magic he’d ever seen; it still felt like Luca was taking a bat to him, only now there were a hundred tiny Lucas, and they were all beating him from the inside out.

“Fuck.” It was about the most articulate thing Jack could come up with right about now. Weren’t there three of them? Assuming he’d fried the other one, did the last one decide his buddy had things in had and just go for a smoke or something? He grit his teeth and tried to sit up, and that was when he heard more gunfire, more footsteps, receding down the remains of the school halls. He turned back to the man on the floor – was he going to be okay? “Baldur… Turks… they with you?”
8th-Oct-2005 01:47 am (UTC)
Hadrian hadn't quite missed-- the brief flash that accompanied the materia on the weapon activating (he'd forgotten about that; it must have been left over from the last test that particular pistol had gone through) let him see that the man's shoulder was definitely bleeding-- but he hadn't gone down, so it must have just grazed him. Between that and the fire element materia (which wouldn't have done much more damage by itself, with a hit that minor), he was looking very, very pissed.
8th-Oct-2005 11:35 pm (UTC)
Ally heard another set of footsteps, and more gunshots, this time behind her. She whirled around to see what was going on. The man that had followed her had rounded a corner into a connecting hallway, and was firing at someone else, presumably. This was a good chance to make a move, and she took it.

She moved forward as quickly and quietly as she could mange, while getting her gun out of it's holster. She caught sight of another man, facing off with the one that had followed her. The new guy was dressed in a black suit, and the other one did not look happy to see him. 'Nother Turk, it looks like...guess Jack's got back-up after all

She turned her focus back to her target, heart racing. He was at an angle in the hallway, which made things trickier, but she could see the other guy had a pistol, and if he was a Turk, he knew how to use it. If she screwed this up, he could still pull something off. Which was just as well - she lived in the slums, and you did what you had to to survive, but didn't like shooting people, which always came through a little bit in her firing. She took aim, and fired once, twice. The first caught his shoulder, and the second, a little lower, in his back. ...Not bad.
15th-Oct-2005 09:21 pm (UTC)
His first thought was that Baldur had rescued him, and so the first thing he did was kick the pistol away from the downed man (being shot didn't mean that he couldn't still shoot, after all). Then, though, he got as good a look at his rescuer as was possible in this light. Not Baldur, not even wearing a black suit. She'd shot this guy, though, which meant at the very least she wasn't with him-- but that didn't mean she was with the Turks, either. Hopefully there wouldn't be any trouble, because he still needed to find Baldur and Jack (that is, if Baldur hadn't already found him while Hadrian was floundering around in this hallway and nearly getting himself killed except for the intervention of the stranger he was looking at now).

"Who are you?" He asked-- quietly, because there could be more around the corner where this one came from.
15th-Oct-2005 10:12 pm (UTC)
Ally took a few deep breaths and willed herself to stop shaking. It was over, it seemed - there were no more noises from down the hall - and without the adrenaline to keep her calm, her nerves had kicked in. The man on the floor looked like he wasn't going anywhere, possibly permanently, so she carefully replaced her gun, and turned to other man.

"Name's Ally...I'm a friend of Jack's. Guessing you're a Turk?"
9th-Oct-2005 11:27 am (UTC)
Seung could only gasp as he was shoved back to the floor, the pain in his shoulder even more intense now. He had taken a lot of beatings, though, and could certainly manage through this. His only concern was the blood loss, but from what he could tell it wasn't too bad.

This new white coat would have to be replaced, though.

With a sigh, he rolled onto his side to reach back into the inside of his coat pocket, fingers slick with the blood that had trailed down his arm by that time. He had to actually pull a few out to get a good look at them, since he couldn't rightly tell by touch. So many had the same colors, but he could tell this All materia by that little scratch Seung had accidentally put in it a couple years ago.

"Hnnn?" he blinked dumbly up at Jack for a moment before shaking his head and struggling to sit up to lean against him. The touch was just enough for him to activate this materia, now allowing him to actually begin healing both their wounds more quickly. The Regen would still continue working for Jack for a little while, but he knew it would be better to fix the problem instantly while he still could.

And ahhh... Tingling numbness. It was always a weird feeling.

"N-no..." His eyes fluttered shut. "There was somebody named...Ally? Miss Ally...but she is just a very nice girl. I don't know where she is. I thought I left her outside..." He couldn't bear to look at the body just before them, because he knew it would make him retch.
10th-Oct-2005 04:04 am (UTC)
Ally... Jack was pretty sure that couldn't be the Ally he knew, though it spoke volumes about pain-induced hallucinations that he imagined for a second that his Ally was going to come around that corner in a suit and tell him she was a Turk now. Still wearing one of those little fluorescent plastic bracelets.

The other man sat up beside him, and he could feel more cure magic - the decent kind, not the over the counter painkiller thing before - which made him wince a little. Not because it hurt, but because the flaw with gunshot wounds and materia was that they were both going to need the bullets out, which meant a fun trip down to the hospital later to cut open the newly-healed flesh.

On the plus side, though, neither of them were going to bleed to death down here. Jack liked that.

Two more shots. Ally? He could only hope that whoever came around the corner next was friendly - he wasn't sure either of them could get out of here under their own power. He wanted to ask him how he'd come here and why he'd gone in after Jack, but he wasn't up for much in the way of conversation right now. "Hah, that one's... prob'ly gonna be okay. 'S the other one that's fucked up real bad."

He gripped the bloody knife in one hand, ready for who came next - if anybody. All Jack could say was that they better be wearing a suit.
18th-Oct-2005 01:33 am (UTC)
Seung's smile was weak as he stood up next to him. Out of habit, he reached to adjust his glasses...only to remember they were no longer on his face. Instinctually, his hands then traveled to the dirtied ponytail to tug it over one shoulder and continuously stroke at it nervously.

He wasn't looking forward to going and getting the bullets removed, but there was no way he'd had the time or the tools to remove them here. He should have been more prepared... Seung was incredibly disappointed in himself.

"I... I'm very sorry if I made this situation worse," he whispered, centering his gaze on the floor in between their feet. And he was only just now noticing that his bare feet were incredibly cold...and standing in a puddle of blood. He'd have to be careful not to slip.

"I'll try to make it up to you, Mr. Jack."
24th-Feb-2006 07:14 am (UTC)
"'S all good." Jack groaned, sincerely hoping that it would be. Baldur and Hadrian were sure taking their sweet time; if they didn't get here soon - or didn't get there at all - he and Dr. Slant-eyes were going to have bigger problem than a few bullet wounds.

Such as more bullet wounds.

Jack pulled himself forward across the grate, sure he got cut a couple times but too exhausted to feel it, and grabbed the downed man's gun off the floor. His vision was too blurred from blood loss to hit the broad side of a train, but it was better than nothing, and he was willing to bet all the gil he had on him that the medic didn’t know how to handle one.

“If you know how keep this guy down you’ll make it up to me right now.” He gestured with the weapon. “The breathing one, not Mr. Crispy.”

The materia he’d used was a temporary measure – Jack’d seen guys sleep it off in minutes, or wake up when the first big noise came around. And when that guy woke up he’d be in much better condition than either of them – assuming that the medic was good for anything other than a body shield in the first place – no way Jack was going to take him down like this if he missed. There was no way of knowing if the third one was alive – he didn’t want to come out of this with nothing but a couple of corpses to show for it.

He checked the clip – six rounds left, but only one or two of them would matter. Shit, he’d been counting on the other Turks to show up in short order. “’therwise, we’re-“ The blond’s vision dove and swam; hitting home that he hadn’t slept in twenty-four hours, had nothing to eat in more than half of that aside from dust and thrill, blood loss notwithstanding. “Gonna’ have to kill…”

Jack barely managed to push the gun into the other man’s hands before everything turned grey, then black, and toppled over into unconsciousness.
24th-Feb-2006 07:34 am (UTC)
Seung's eyes were as round as saucers when he not only heard Jack's words, but felt the slick metal of a gun pushed into his hands right before the bigger man collapsed...on top of him. And down they went again, with Seung on the bottom.

The story of his life.

"Nnf..." he huffed as he sat back up, cradling Jack's slumped form in his arms and quickly checking his pulse. He was happy to find that he wasn't dead, but the blood loss had taken a serious toll. He most certainly had lost more blood than even Seung. Or maybe there were even more things that were causing the condition. Perhaps malnutrition? He didn't really look that hea--

Oh God that man was waking up.

Panicking, Seung stared down at the gun in his hand. No WAY. Shoot a man? Just the thought made him want to faint. There was also the option of pistol whipping him... But no way. Still, Seung didn't lack all common sense, and actually shoved the gun into his coat before gripping Jack around his torso to try and drag him off of the scene. His bare feet slipped a few times in the mess of blood, but he wasn't quite as weak as he looked, and actually got Jack out of the room and down the nearest hall before getting extremely tired.

He could see a few people's shadows around the corner, and that made him freeze. More enemies? Or perhaps help that Jack had spoken of? How was he supposed to tell?

Well... He knew that the room he had just come from definitely had enemies. So he had to risk this one, and continued pulling Jack in that direction, praying he was making the right choice. Jack needed serious immediate attention, and this just wasn't the best place for that. Not when danger lurked around every corner.
25th-Feb-2006 06:05 am (UTC)
Ally heard noises in the corridor behind her, and turned from the other Turk to see what it was. She hoped it wasn't more of those guys - she wasn't sure how much more trouble she could handle in one night. Even hanging around with Asher wasn't this bad - usually - and he practically lived trouble.

Luck was marginally on her side this time. It was Seung, dragging...Jack. Shit. This was very deep into the realm of Not Good. Her hand went for the chain with her Cure materia on it, only to come up empty. Starting to panic, she tried to think back...she had lent it to Naomi, and then...left it on her bed, thinking she wasn't going to need it with Asher gone. Shit.

She rushed over to them, the man on the floor forgotten. They were both covered in blood - the brightness of Seung's on his white coat made her stomach drop a little. Trying to keep her voice steady, she quickly looked over Jack before turning to Seung. "Is he gonna be okay? Are you?" Damnit, this was her fault. She shouldn't have gotten Seung involved - he couldn't handle a mugger, much less this. She fought back the tears that begin to well up in her eyes. She didn't need this, not now.
25th-Feb-2006 06:16 am (UTC)
Seung smiled in immediate relief when he recognized one of the people coming for him. At first the footsteps had made him tense, but when he saw Ally's face, he relaxed and settled down on his knees, clutching Jack in his arms as he tried to regain his strength.

"Ye--yes. I'm fine. Mr. Jack lost more blood... I've closed up the wounds, but he might need blood transfusion, and the bullets need to be removed." From the both of them. He looked back down to Jack, guilt washing over him. Maybe it wouldn't have turned out like this if he hadn't gone ahead of Ally. He was happy to see that she was okay, though...

He didn't recognize the man with her, but he was wearing a suit like Jack's. When he heard someone yell an oath from the end of the hallway where he'd just come from, he looked rather panicked again, and his voice trembled.

"Miss Ally. One of the men woke up. I wasn't able to...to harm him. I really think we need to leave. Now." Even with the gun in his coat, he couldn't imagine using it to shoot.
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